7 Awesome Lombard Activities to Enjoy

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Lombard is an awesome village to explore and one of the best suburbs of Chicago. The village is rich in historical buildings and culture dating back to the nineteenth century. With plenty to keep people occupied it’s a fantastic place to educate and indulge in everything the village has to offer. Read on to learn more about the best things to do in Lombard!

1. Safari Land

A fun lover’s paradise, Safari Land is a giant indoor amusement park suitable for all ages. For those who love adrenaline and rides, the center has seven rides to explore and enjoy! Tiger terror is one of the biggest indoor roller coasters in Chicago, come aboard the roaring tiger as you dip and whirl around. The Lion’s den merry go around and Safari SpeedWay go-karts are great. The indoor arcade is incredibly popular, get together for a go at the ‘Jungle’ bowling, complete with 12 lanes. Safari Land is the perfect day out.

Address: 701 W N Ave, Villa Park, IL 60181, USA

Website: Safari Land

2. Paradise Bay Water Park

What’s the best way to cool off during a hot summer’s day? Paradise Bay Water Park is ideal for everyone who loves water, and the park caters to all ages with age-appropriate areas. The outdoor water park has numerous slides to enjoy and explore. The water park has gone on to be an award-winning facility due to the new state-of-the-art amenities. Take a dip in an array of different pools such as the lap pool, zero-depth, and the bubble bench. 

Address: 437 E St Charles Rd, Lombard, IL 60148, USA

Website: Paradise Bay Water Park 

3. D.O.A Room Escape

If you’re a horror fan or are just an adrenaline junkie who’s always wanted to see if they could survive a challenge, then D.O.A is for you. The escape rooms are an interactive experience. This is most certainly not for the faint-hearted or those who are claustrophobic. The experience begins with you and your group being locked in a room. Your challenge is to get out of the room within 60 minutes, using strategies and your mind along with teamwork to solve puzzles, clues, and crack lock combinations. Find the key to escape before time runs out! A different and unique day out that won’t disappoint. 

Address: 717 N Iowa Ave Villa Park, IL 60181

Website: D.O.A Room Escape

4. Willowbrook Wildlife Centre

A gorgeous natural park and a great educational day out for everyone, the center is a wildlife rehabilitation facility that helps injured and orphaned wildlife. The center provides medical treatment to all animals, they urge the public to help by bringing any animals found into the center. The visitor center allows access to view the species being treated, windows to the nursery show staff preparing food and medication for the baby animals. There are discovery areas that have games and puzzles to keep everyone entertained allowing them to learn and discover the program that cares for the animals. 

Animals with permanent disabilities now reside at the center in the outdoor area trail, here you can visit and see the permanent residents that are now cared for by the center. The animals live in sheltered enclosures.

Address: 525 S Park Blvd Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

Website: Willowbrook Wildlife Centre 

5. Lilacia Park

One of the most beautiful natural parks in Lombard, the gardens specialize in showcasing the best in lilacs and tulips. The park now features up to 200 varieties of lilacs and 50 in tulips, the park has a greenhouse and a historical building. The park is perfect for keen gardeners who love flowers.

Address: 150 S Park Ave, Lombard, IL 60148

Website: Lilacia Park

6. Lombard Historical Museum

Now open to the public, Lombard Historical Museum contains three historic buildings. All buildings are from the Victorian period; The Sheldon Peck Homestead dating back from 1839, a Victorian Cottage, and a Carriage House. Tours are available daily along with new exhibits. The Victorian Cottage Museum gives insight into how middle-class Victorians lived along with common household products used. 

Address: 23 W Maple St, Lombard, IL 60148, USA

Website: Lombard Historical Museum 

7. Mapel Street Church

One of the first churches of Lombard, the church is a landmark which the area treasures. A great place to take in the history of the town that has taken place in the church through meetings. Tours are offered for those wishing to explore the church along with a guided tour.

Address: 220 S Main St, Lombard, IL 60148, USA

Website: Mapel Street Church

Educate, explore and indulge

This little area in Lombard has plenty to explore and see. Visitors can indulge in the rich Victorian history spread across the area, perfect for people to educate and have a fun trip. Lombard is great for people to indulge in an array of activities that are varied and perfect for trying something new.

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