The Best Coffee Shops in Lombard, Illinois

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Ah, the sweet aroma of coffee wafting through your favorite coffee shop. 

There’s nothing like that moment when you step inside, witness people chatting, steam whistling from the espresso machine, and you know that you are next in line. Here at City View at the Highlands, we know that the morning commute around Chicago comes easier with the comfort of your favorite cup. Or maybe this coffee shop is your work sanctuary, full of inspiration and ideas.

Whether you enjoy your coffee black or packed with cream and sugar (or agave), these local Lombard coffee shops are sure to have your taste buds excited.

Labriola Bakery and Cafe

Just down the street from City View, we have the Labriola Cafe, a locally owned family business located at 3021 Butterfield Rd, Oak Brook. Serving up some of the best Italian bread, pizza, pastries, and baked goods, this Chicago-owned cafe also has some of the best coffee we have tasted here in Lombard. They open at 7:30 every morning and serve breakfast through dinner until 9 pm Mon-Sat and8 pm on Sundays. You’ll find all your favorite coffee menu items along with a full breakfast menu until 11 am.

The Corner House

If you travel a little further north towards Lombard Station, The Corner House is one of our most unique coffee shops in the area. Part art gallery, part coffee shop, this quirky, fun coffee shop serves some of the top coffee from locally roasted Tugboat Roasters. The bright atmosphere hosts walls covered in art from local artists, all available for purchase. Their funky menu contains drinks such as one called CATFIGHT! And another one called Smashing Pumpkins, your not-so-basic pumpkin spice latte. Another locally owned business, you feel good about supporting your local Lombard community. The Corner House is located at 100 W St Charles Rd, Lombard. It opens at 8 am every day and serves food until 4 pm Mon-Thurs and 3 pm Fri-Sun. 

Gloria Jean’s Coffees Yorktown Shopping Center

We saved the sweetest spot for last. If you want something a little more on the delectable side, stop by Gloria Jean’s Coffees Yorktown Shopping Center. Located within walking distance of City View at the Highlands, Gloria Jean’s is right in the heart of Yorktown Shopping Center, just to the east of our complex. Do some shopping, have lunch, and grab a coffee or sweet drink all next door to our apartment complex. Started by Gloria Jean herself in Chicago in 1979, they now serve coffee in over 50 countries around the world. Their menu includes ice cream coffee chillers, espresso drinks, fruit chillers, and more. Yum.

Let us know your favorite coffee shops in the area and comment if you have any questions!

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