The 3 Best Fourth of July Fireworks Displays Near City View at the Highlands

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Step into an American Painting

Just picture it.

Overflowing picnic baskets line blankets while kids run and play, the smell of the grill making everyone hungry on this magical day. A cool breeze swirls as lemonade and soda are pulled from ice-cold coolers and beer gardens pour from flowing kegs. 


The sound of games and rides fill the air, laughter coming from all directions. Couples chat on park benches next to the lake. And suddenly…


The sky seems to emit sparks as explosions are heard overhead, a dazzling spectacle of color filling the air with a wondrous display. People stare in awe and let out ‘oohs” and “ahs” from the grass as the atmosphere buzzes with energy and light shines down from the starry sky. 

One of the most adored American holidays and events is bursting in front of us – 

Fourth of July Fireworks!

This year, City View at Highlands wants to help you celebrate Independence Day by bringing you the best fireworks shows near Lombard, IL, to ensure you have an absolute blast this Fourth of July.

Below you’ll find links to a couple of our favorites, as well as a link to a broader list of fireworks shows in the area:

  1. Glen Ellyn at Lake Ellyn Park

We are excited to have the Fourth of July Parade back this year kicking off at 12pm on Ellyn Avenue. It travels west on Crescent Boulevard, north on Main Street and east on Linden to Lake Ellyn. The city is still working out the details, but fireworks should be happening that evening at Lake Ellyn Park. Keep checking the link above for more information. 

  1. Downer’s Grove Display

South of City View, Downers Grove will have a fireworks show at 9:30pm July 4th at the corners of 75th Street and Lemont Road. This show is presented by the Village of Downers Grove and the Village of Woodridge. Check out Downers Park Plaza before finding a spot to watch the fireworks.

  1. Dupage County Fairgrounds in Wheaton

Wheaton will have their annual fireworks show at Graf Park (1855 Manchester Rd) on July 3rd. Lawn games, concessions, a DJ, and giveaways will all be part of the fun. A flag ceremony will be held by a scout troop beforehand, so get a seat early for this fantastic show!

For an ongoing list of other Fourth of July shows and events in the Chicago area, check out the Chicago Tribune’s article on where to see fireworks here.

Leave us a comment if you have questions or know of other displays in the area!

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